I'll eat my Bambi if i don't get 1.000.000 $ !

I swear by God this is the biggest wake-up call in history : I will have my lovely deer  for Easter Sunday's Dinner 2018 if my bankaccount doesn't show a balance of at least :

1.000.000 $

I found this cute baby deer 2 months ago on a rainy and cold day just outside of my house not far from the woods. I guess this little deer got lost from her mother in the woods. I took this bambi with me at home. He now regained strength as I fed him over the last months. And i gave him the name : Bambi    
But......unlucky as Bambi is, he fell into my hands. And I am a meatlover. I intend to cook a nice bambi stew with my cute little Bambi as the main ingredient. But you have the power to save my bambi. For 1.000.000 $ no more no less.. Is this indecent ? Maybe... But with 1.000.000 shares i am happy to.His future however is in your hands! You decide if he goes to bambi heaven early. Either you grant him a life in Bambi Paradise with other bambi's or you agree with this indecent proposal and i will cook a nice bambi stew with my cute little Bambi as the main ingredient. It will happen the day after 1st april 2018 after easter sunday. It all depends on you if my Bambi will still live for many many years as a happy bambi.  

BUT YOU CAN SAVE MY BAMBI !                    
if my bankaccount does show a balance of at least  1000.000 $ by easter day 2018 or with 1.000.000 shares on facebook I will cancel my indecent proposal to cook and eat the bambi. No more no less. All you have to do to save my cute bambi is let your heart speak. So time has come to react now and with your help you can save my bambi. You are touched by this story and you just want a happy life for my bambi ? If you and other people donate one dollar or more or one of you donates 1'000'000 $ , I don't care , my Bambi will have a happy life fulfilled with love by me. Remember : Spread the word and share My Bambi's life is in your hands ! 


DEADLINE : 1st april 2018 ON EASTER SUNDAY !!!


Started : 05/11/2017 -Updated daily - Last update : 18/11/2017

I wish you all and my bambi good luck but dont't forget : time is against my Bambi !