I'll eat my Bambi if i don't get 1.000.000 $ !

About me : 

My name is Jenny S.. I am the girl next door living in Flanders in Belgium and I found this cute deer a few weeks ago. Last week my head was spinning around about what I could do with my Bambi. So I was thinking: If Trump wants to spend 4 billion dollar on his wall with Mexico than this is peanuts for people with a heart to save my Bambi  from the butcher.My Bambi, of course,( if my bankaccount doesn't show a balance of at least 1.000.000 $ on easter sunday 2018) would be given to a professional butcher in order to avoid any problems with animal welfare organizations. (no more, no less) If my bankaccount shows a balance of 1.000.000$ I grant this cute little deer a happy life with other deers in a paradise for Bambi's and i transfer the money to a charity organisation. But if i collect only 999.999 $ or less.. you don't even want to think about it what will happen with my Bambi.  If i succeed a receipt of the payment to the charity organization will be published here in april 2018. If you don’t agree, please do not donate for my Bambi's  future but contact a charity organization and donate your money there.

Do you want this for my Bambi ? I don't think so...


It's a joke